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Rotary Airlock Valve

Approx Price: Rs 21,000 / Piece 

Introduction: -

Bhalani Rotary airlocks are important components of pneumatic conveying, bulk solids handling and batching systems. Rotary airlock is also known as rotary valve, rotary feeder or airlock feeder. The main function of a rotary valve is to control flow of bulk solids from silo, mixer, cyclone or hopper under gravity, pressure and vacuum conditions. Airlocks can work on pressure and vacuum applications.

Special features: -

· Precision Construction

· Casted / Fabricated Body

· Multi van Rotor (With Adjustable Blade)

· Sealed Outboard Bearing

· High Temperature Application

· Moc: CI / MS / SS304 / SS316

Rotary Valve Applications: -

· Silo Emptying

· Cyclone Discharge

· Dust Collection

· Dosage Control, Mixing, Batching

· Conveyor Feeding / Discharging

· Screw Feeder Feeding / Discharging

· Bulk Solids Equipment Feeding / Discharging

Model: -



Rotor OD

Flange ID

Motor HP

BRV 100



0.5 HP

BRV 150



0.5 HP

BRV 200



1 HP

BRV 250



1 HP

BRV 300



1.5 HP

BRV 350



2 HP

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BRV

Bucket Elevator

Approx Price: Rs 65,000 / No 

Bhalani Industries have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of bucket elevators. Our range includes centrifugal bucket elevator, discharge bucket elevator, gravity elevator, gravity discharge bucket elevator and centrifugal discharge bucket elevator. These bucket elevators are widely used for conveying light, medium as well as heavy loads. We even offer customization as per client's specifications and requirements.




01. Standardization of designs is dependable and versatile.

02. Continuous and centrifugal discharge.

03. Rigid, strong, jig built casings in perfect alignment and weather – tight.

04. Two- piece hood permitting access to head section interior without any interruption to machinery.

05. Inspection hatch that can be easily lifted in viewing terminal machinery.

Destoner Machine

Bhalani industries Destoner Machine is a kind of combined machines. It is capable of cleaning big impurities by means of a long-gape screen and small impurities by means of circular-holes screen. Moreover, these products clean simultaneous stones by a convex screen. It is an ideal cleaning machine used for a variety of grains like wheat and rice. It is also suitable for equipping with complete milling lines. Its high stone-removing efficiency with shutter sieve makes it suitable for some grain processing plants, where there are more stones in raw grain. With external fan, fully sealed machine and no dust outside machine, these gain the end of environmental protection. Destoner adopt reciprocating mechanism with rubber bearing, less vibrating, low noise.


  • Complete separation of stones from grains
  • Compact in size
  • Low maintenance
  • Dust problem eliminated in vacuum type equipment
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Air flow rate is adjustable in a wide range resulting.

Ribbon Blender (Mixer)

Ribbon Blenders are best suited for mixing, granulation and homogenizing batch process. It handles a range of applications from all types of powders including free flowing to cohesive and moist powders, bulk dry materials to wet cakes and slurries. A double helical ribbon agitator in the vessel moves the product upward along the outer wall and releases it downward into cavities developed in the middle, simultaneously material is horizontally distributed by the mixing arm and is optimally homogenized.



• Models with single or double helix.

• Net capacities for 20 to 25000 litres.

• Various Material and surface treatment available depending upon product characteristics

• Cutting rotors for breaking down of agglomerates

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